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First Impression: Steins Gate 0

I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I know I get hyped over new anime a little too much. I went on about Attack on Titan season 2 last year, the Fate franchise gets a lot of unjustified love and more generally, I like a good superlative when I talk about shows that I’ve just finished or am looking forward to.


So with that said, I want it to start here by saying that looking at the slate of anime for 2018 that had been announced at the start of the year the one that I laid the highest expectations on was Steins Gate 0. In the year of more Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and countless other promising looking shows, you have to ask, why?

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Anime Challenge #16: Anime with the best animation

We’re lucky enough to be anime fans in a time when, for the majority of studios, it’s not okay to release a TV series without decent animation with many seasonal shows offering consistently high quality animation throughout their run. Although I won’t be talking about one of these in my list, anime films are often where we find the best animation and are a fantastic advert for just how beautiful anime can be. Why not talk about a film then I hear you ask. The answer is because I don’t think I’ve seen enough films to pick one and say it’s definitively the best – something akin to watching The Return of the King and saying its the best film ever because it had the most Oscar nominations.


So, it is quite difficult to choose here, and I think I could quite easily go for any number of shows, but I’m going to go for Guilty Crown. Guilty Crown was produced in 2012 by Production I.G., the parent studio of Wit Studio. I bring up Wit because like the majority of Wit’s shows, a lot of money clearly went into Guilty Crown and the productions values on the whole benefit greatly as a result.

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Anime Challenge #15 Favourite anime sidekick/animal/summoning: Puck

Hey everyone – the anime blogging challenge is back after a bit of a break! Don’t worry about the completing this in 30 weeks things, I’ve thrown that out of the window, just sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride. Some very mild spoilers for Re:Zero here, so if you don’t want to know a very minor bit of info, then watch at least 3/4 of the show and then come back.


What makes a good sidekick in an anime? Is it having an awesome power that can aid you in battle or protect you from a secret assassin? Is it being able to transform into a terrifying monster to avenge you should you die? Or is simply to look good on your shelf as a plushie? The answer is of course all of these things, and therefore, there can be only one choice – Emilia’s trusty floating cat (?), Puck!

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Anime Challenge #14 Anime that never gets old no matter how much you watch it

I’m not sure how many times you need to have seen an anime for it to qualify for this brief, but certainly one show I’ve seen more than once that I enjoyed on the second, and third watching, was Mirai Nikki.

2011 was a bumper year in terms of anime but I wouldn’t be surprised if most people picked Future Diary out as the most memorable, if perhaps not the best, of the lot.

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Anime Challenge #13 Anime character most similar to you: Yuuta Togashi

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written one of these anime challenge posts – I’ve been so caught up with my new Attack on Titan monthly challenge that I haven’t had much time to keep going with this one. That does mean I am a little bit behind, but even if I don’t quite complete the 30 articles in 15 weeks, they will eventually get done!


#13 is a bit of an odd one as I need to try and choose a character that’s similar to me. I tend to watch anime, partly at least, as a form of escapism so identifying a character that’s most similar to me isn’t something I’ve really ever thought about before. So, I’ve had a little think about it and I’ve decided on a character that has already featured in this challenge as half of my favourite couple: Yuuta Togashi.

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Anime Challenge #12: Saddest Anime Scene

It’s rare in this challenge that I’ve been able to decide on an article without having to think about it for a while. When I first saw this scene I remember feeling entirely broken, devastated, ruined (do you need more negative superlatives?), so it was an easy choice.


As with many sad things in anime, this article includes a huge spoiler, so if you haven’t finished Clannad: After Story, I’ll forgive you entirely for clicking out of this post now (no, really, leave now).

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Anime Challenge #11 Favourite Mec Anime

Japanese transformers. Not the most accurate description of the mecha genre of anime, but it comes close enough. I haven’t really watched many anime that could be described as ‘mecha’ because, generally, I don’t like them. However, that does mean that it is easy to choose my favourite from the genre.

Code Geass.


In an alternate world history, the planet is dominated by a small number of vast empires and federations. Largest and (in the eyes of the protagonists at least) the most evil is the Britannia Empire, who ruthlessly occupied Japan and renamed it ‘Area 11’, removing the concept of the past nation.

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Anime Challenge #10 Favourite fighter anime

I’m not entirely sure what ‘fighter’ anime means. I’m guessing it doesn’t need to be as specific as a show that is based solely on a fight or series of fights. So with that in mind I’m going to go for a show you might not expect – A Certain Scientific Railgun!

Fighting is certainly not the first word you might think of when you think of Mikoto Misaka and her friends but actually on deeper inspection a lot of the show definitely focuses around combat. Mikoto is the third  strongest esper in all of Academy City and particularly throughout the second season of the show she is absolutely involved in lots of fights!


In the Sisters Arc at the start of the second season (which is one of my favourite arcs generally in anime regardless of genre!) Mikoto is basically forced into going rogue, fighting against the system and the darkest people behind it. The fights that she is involved in range from strategic infiltration style defence to full on frontal assaults against the strongest possible opponents.

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Anime Challenge #9 Favourite anime villain: The Sibyl System

Good news! This article is largely spoiler free – yaaay!

When I saw that I had to write on my favourite anime villain I felt a bit like I did with number five in this challenge (a show I’m ashamed to watch – it was Haikyu!! by the way) in as much as it was difficult to choose because I like nice characters. Villains are to be disliked and that’s just a fact. So I had a think and came up with a bit of a curve ball.

For those of you that have watched it, you’ll know that Psycho-Pass’s strong point above all else is it’s characters. Akane is the perfect up and coming detective complementing her troubled sidekick/safety buffer Shinya. On this same wavelength then it wouldn’t be a bad decision to choose Shougo Makashima as my top villain. He’s intelligent, calculating and knows how to play the system – on top of that he’s written in such a way that he compliments Shinya to the point where they form a rivalry that is so intense that only they can understand it, putting them on a level above the other cast members.


Or so we think. Psycho-Pass is not an anime that could allow a human being to be the villain. The real villain is the system itself.

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Anime Challenge #8 Favourite anime couple: Riika and Yuuta

It’s becoming clear to me that I lack a certain decisiveness when it comes to choosing favourites in anime. There are so many couples that I could have written this article about but, in the end, I decided to go chunibyou and choose Riika and Yuuta. Or should I say the Eye of the Wicked Lord and the Dark Flame Master!

One thing that I do find easy to choose is my favourite genre of anime, and that is romance. As you might expect then, I’ve seen a few of them and of them all them Love, Chunibyou and other Delusions, while possibly not the best, is the most fun. While the fantasy genre is massive in anime, with many a fantasy-romance crossover in existence, the subject of the people who are simply infatuated by the unreal and fantastical is hardly touched upon.


Chunibyou  is just that examination. Several of the characters within the show live, or have lived, in a world of their own creation where magic, superpowers and evil are common place. To Yuuta, this is a dark part of his past that he would rather forget, but unfortunately the tenacious Riika literally drops in on him to ensure he doesn’t forget.

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