And the results are in! #2

Like everyone over the age of 18 in the UK, the polls have closed for you and the results are in on my ‘election’ of the next sequel you want me to watch.

Once again the results were super closer, with only one vote in it, but I’m happy to announce I will be watching Durarara!!x2 Shou as my next readers choice!

Thanks for voting and hopefully you’ll be back to read any features I do on the series as well to vote again in my next poll!

What if the main character wasn’t the hero? The case of Tales of Zestiria the X

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the most difficult person to please when it comes to my anime. If you want to rehash a cool concept and use it again and again, I’m usually pretty cool with that as long as it’s well written with some interesting characters. However, every so often I, like most people, hypothesise on what would make for a great story and it was when I was watching Tales of Zestiria the X that an idea last crossed my mind.


Without turning this into a review of the two cour series, suffice it to say, Tales of Zestiria is a 24 episode series that follows the journey of Sorey from country bumpkin to saviour of the world. It’s an emotionally charged, action packed coming-of-age tale with some beautiful animation and a colourful palette that makes for generally enjoyable viewing.

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Episode Focus: Attack on Titan S2 10, Children

It’s getting to that time in the season when we are expecting all of the shows to start ramping up as they hurtle towards their finales.

See how long it’s taken to get near to the bottom of this?!

This expectation presses on no show more so than it does on the second season of Attack on Titan. Four years in the making, the final three to four episodes really needed to do something. With last week’s episode nine firmly dropping the baton (one of my friends aptly described ‘Opening’ as ‘meanwhile in a tree’), episode ten had a lot to deliver – the question is, did it succeed?

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Building my Collection: Durarara!! x2 Shou (Blu-Ray Collectors edition)

As you may have seen last weekend I managed to get up to London to this Spring’s MCM Comicon. As well as being a great day in itself, I picked up a couple of Blu-Rays to add to my collection, Charlotte part 1 and Durarara!! Shou. Seeing as I quite enjoyed my last unboxing post (Your Lie in April part 1), I thought I’d show you guys the inside of the collectors edition of the second season of Durarara!!. 

Starting with the outer packaging we have a rigid box to hold the contents. The box in itself is a pretty nice thing though – show artwork is on the front and back, with synopsis and blu-ray info on a removable slip fastened to the back.


Inside the outer case things can split into two – the discs and all of the extras. First let’s talk about the digipack and discs. Unlike some discs I’ve seen, the artwork is fairly lacking in imagination, however the digipack holding the two discs is a nice to thing to behold. We get some more series artwork, but rather than the typical character shots pulled from the anime the characters are coloured in monochrome for quite a stunning presentation.

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Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 8, Vita Sexualis

The cat is out of the bag and everyone knows about Kotarou and Akane’s relationship. In typical Tsuki ga Kirei fashion, we’re made to feel as if this could be really difficult for the pair, when in fact, of course, their interactions with everyone else are quite mundane.


Most of this episode focuses solely on the main couple as Akane comes to Kotarou’s taiko practice before they go to a shrine festival. If you haven’t enjoyed Tsuki ga Kirei up to this point, this episode won’t change your mind with its romance/slice of life genre continuing along with some fairly questionable animation (what is with that run?!). However, if like me, you’ve become fully invested in the overtly normal development of Akane and Kotarou’s middle school relationship, then this is another episode to be savoured.

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If I had one Trenni silver coin for every time you said that… – a review of Spice and Wolf season 1

I’ll come and out and say it. My knowledge of anime pre-2010 is pretty awful. Despite my age, I only started watching anime in 2014 so while I’m pretty good on seasonal stuff since then along with big hits, my general knowledge is pretty poor. My lack of knowledge isn’t helped by the fact that I tend to dismiss a lot of shows as ‘probably not my thing’ because let’s face it, there’s a lot out there to see.

Spice and Wolf is one such pre-2010 anime (Winter 2008) that, despite countless great reviews, I had decided to push to the bottom of my plan to watch list because of the curious focus upon economics. What’s more I’d been led to believe that once I’d finished watching Spice and Wolf, I’d be perpetually disappointed as I came to terms with never being able to find out how the story ends.


While I can’t yet comment on this second point as I haven’t seen the second season, I will soon join the hordes of people in debunking the ‘economics is boring’ excuse for not watching the show.

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Help me choose what to watch! #2

Hi everyone!

You may remember a little while ago I asked for you all to choose the next anime I should next and by the narrowest of margins you pointed me in the direction of Spice and Wolf, an anime that had been on my plan to watch list for far to long. Today I watched the final episode of season one and am preparing my review which means I need some help deciding what to watch next!

I thought I’d try and keep this interactive interesting so this time I’ve limited the selection to sequels. That is shows that I’ve already seen a season of and for whatever reason didn’t get a chance to continue at the time. It’s a slightly longer list than last time and has at least one show that I’m not sure about myself (can you guess which?) – but I leave myself at the mercy of you, the gentle reader.

Feel free to select more than one if you can’t decide, many is better than none!

Thanks for taking part and I’ll post the results at the start of next week!


MCM Comicon London May 2017

It’s a rare thing in the UK to be able to go to an ‘anime event’. If you don’t count the increasing amount of cinema screenings, you wouldn’t need more than the fingers on one hand to list off the events you go to where you’ll find a congregation of anime fans doing anime things. 

Today though I got to go to MCM Comicon in London’s Excel Exhibition Centre a convention I described to one person before going as ‘a massive geek fest’. I’ll come to the anime in a minute, but MCM was full of all things nerdy from esports and games through to comic books and Japanese sweets. These are all things I enjoy but I was pleasantly surprised with just how many anime and manga stands there were ranging from memorabilia, t-shirts and hoodies, posters, DVD’s and Blu-Ray and, oh, so much manga.


If you’ve never been to a convention like this before (like me) the first thing that you’ll notice most obviously is the amount of people cosplaying. Going through the underground it took just one change to see the switch from people going about their normal Sunday mornings to an abundance of Harley Quinns, Harry Potters and Survey Corps Scouts. I didn’t cosplay and didn’t particularly feel out of place, but if you’ve ever had the urge to dress up as your favourite character, this would certainly have been the time to do it. For some people it was a simple costume to simply signify that they were visiting the event while for others it is serious competition with huge amounts of effort and time put into an outfit.

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Episode Focus: Eromanga Sensei 7, Little Sister and the Most Interesting Novel in the World

For the past few weeks, every episode of Eromanga-Sensei surprises me a little. And it’s yet to be a good surprise. Two weeks ago it was the realisation that the sibling relationship in the show was going to be more than familial while this week it was the adding of the harem tag to the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week saw the full introduction of yet another rival light novel author, Muramasa. Another young girl who strives to create a work that she can give one-million out of a hundred. It also happens that she’s in love with Masamune and his writing. If you’ve been enjoying this show, and I’m still not sure if I have been or not, you will have enjoyed this episodes. Muramasa’s confession and ambition to halt the Izumis’ dream brings Sagiri further out of her shell, and for the first time outside of the ending credits, out of her room. In addition, Masamune is continuing to work hard on converting his light novel about a younger sister into a publishable work, which by the end of the episode, is the envy of both of his fellow authors.

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Episode Focus, Attack on Titan S2 8, The Hunters

What has always grabbed me the most about Attack on Titan is how, as a complete product, it is able to seem entirely epic in everything it does. Whether that be from the obvious titan fights or the more obscure moments of regimented cleaning, Shingeki no Kyojin knows how to do big. 

Channelling Death Note here?

There is actually very little action pertaining to the story in episode eight, but somehow this whole episode encapsulates just what I’ve been talking about in terms of tone. The fight between Reiner and Eren is ended quickly with Bertholt strategically falling on them allowing Reiner the chance to pull Eren from his titan form and run away with him off into the distance. The majority of the soldiers were knocked out by the steam from the colossal titan and the rest of the Scouts, along with the Military Police, and positioned in Trost ready to deploy. Cue build episode.

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