The conclusion of the Anime Watching Challenge 2017…

Carrying on the theme of concluding 2017 before I start talking about 2018 in any earnest, I wanted to come back to the anime watching challenge (run by MyAnimeList) that I had been attempting throughout the year.

That’s right, I failed.

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Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family to get anime

It’s a crazy world out there kids.

I’m not usually one for spur of the moment short posts but I just had to share this with you all. The Fate/Stay Night spin off manga, Emiya-san Chi no Khoi Gohan is getting an anime.

Yes, in the same vein as the parody Carnival Phantasm, this spin off will have all your favourite Fate characters but will focus on cooking and food. There’s nothing to say that this won’t be of a decent quality though – expect all of the main series voice actors as well as UBW director Takahiro Miura on board.

I find it shocking that this is even a manga, let alone worthy of getting adapted into anime format. Although there aren’t many details yet, I’m guessing that, as a web anime it will be released in shorter episodes – but who knows. We won’t have to wait for long though, as the first episode will air on January 25th (western platform TBA).

Well let me know what you think of this – I’m not sure if my bemusement towards this is good or bad at the moment so maybe someone else can clear things up for me…

My year in anime: 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time for my year in review.

For many of us who write aniblogs, we watch a lot of anime so over the course of twelve months we end up with a huge amount to summarise. In this post I want to summarise my year in anime month by month with my favourite show/film. Let’s go!


Anime watched: 10

#1: Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance


January was notable because I watched all three seasons of Haikyuu! (I know – I got into it haha!) However, despite enjoying Karasuno High’s journey to the nationals the highlight of the month had to be the second instalment in the Evangelion movie reboot, You Can (Not) Advance. I’ve never really understood the hype around the original TV series, but I enjoyed it enough to give the movies a go. Part one was a touched up rehash of the original opening episodes, but part two goes a bit further.

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Where I’ve been…


It’s not a full post today, but I just wanted to check in after another of my extended breaks. I didn’t intend to take almost a month off, but I’ve just been struggling to get on top of things.

Since July I’ve had a much bigger workload outside of this blog than I’ve ever had before with a 40 page dissertation and full time work for the first time in my life. I’m not going to make more excuses on top of that, because I really do want to keep the blog going and I full intend to get back into it properly – starting today!

That said, I’m not promising two or three posts a week because knowing how things have panned out this year it could easily fall apart. However, I do have a few posts in mind already for the end of the year and there are plenty of ideas going around for 2018.

I’m planning on doing a couple of posts of the anime of year as well as doing seasonal roundups and insights for Fall and Winter. I’m also going to get back into doing lists more often – I got put off by the opinion some bloggers have, in the past, shared that lists were a lazy form of writing that isn’t really suitable for wordpress blogs. It isn’t about what a small minority think though and I enjoy writing list posts so expect to see some more of them in the new year.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with something new very soon –

Thanks for reading 🙂 

Driven by ancient alien technology and love – a review of Eureka Seven (2005)

Back in August it was announced that AlltheAnime would be bringing the new film adaptations of the 2005 TV mecha classic, Eureka Seven every year from the start of 2018. Thinking this would be a good thing to do in dreary January, I set out to watch the original TV anime in preparation.



Eureka Seven tells the story of Renton Thurston, the son of the hero of humanity as he joins the rebelling ‘Gekkostate’ befriending and falling in love with the mysterious pilot of the very first Light Finding Operation or LFO (mech), the Nirvage, Eureka.

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Building My Collection: Your Name Limited Collectors Edition

Few would dispute me if I said that the anime of 2016 was Makoto Shinkai’s gender-swapping, natural disaster romance, Your Name. Surely the biggest anime movie in foreign cinemas and the second biggest Japanese film in its own country the stats speak for themselves.

Fast forward a year and the home releases are making their way onto the shelves of the millions of fans that fell in love with the movie but there was a decision to make on exactly which edition of the film to buy. In the UK we had the option of a standard DVD, standard Blu-Ray, Steelbook edition Blu-ray or limited edition collectors set. Before I talk about the limited edition set, I’d just like to put on the record that I think it’s a great thing that more casual fans don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get their hands on the movie – especially at the point of first release.

Now moving on I’d like to show you my copy of the limited collectors edition of the movie. It’s a pretty amazing set both on and off of the discs. So let’s get started!

The outer case is a chipboard box with art unique to this edition featuring the moment in the film Mitsuha and Taki meet face to face for the first time. There is the standard AllTheAnime information card lightly tacked onto the back of the box which can be removed without marking the box.

There are four elements to the set within the box: first up is the disc case itself which features the movie on both Blu-Ray and DVD as well as the soundtrack by RADWIMPS.

As well as the movie with both English and Japanese dubs (including Japanese or English editions of the soundtrack) both discs also contain a Japanese TV special featuring the director Makoto Shinkai and the voice actors of two main characters Mone Kamishiraishi and Ryunosuke Kamiki as well as the usual English and Japanese pre-release trailers and teasers.

This set earns it’s price tag by the extras though as next on the list is a set of 10 of high quality art cards showing scenes from the film, one of which is marked with a unique number of authenticity.

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There is also an A3 theatrical poster…

img_0527… but most impressive of all is surely the art/interviews book that as well as containing shots from the movie and interviews with the two lead voice actors contains a Q&A with director Makoto Shinkai and his original proposal for the film!

It is all in all a pretty impressive set, but there is still one little bonus that I’ve yet to show you. The so called ‘Red thread of fate’, popular in Asian folklore, is an important image within Your Name and AllTheAnime felt that it would be a nice gesture to include Mitsuha’s braid/Taki’s wristband.


I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with that one – but it’s a nice extra to have.

There you have it then, the UK/ROI limited collectors edition of Your Name. At £49.99 it is a bit pricey, but it really is worth the extra and I’ve included the link to Zavvi (where it is exclusively available) below. I’ll also add some links for the other editions 🙂

Limited Edition

Steelbook Blu-Ray 

Standard Blu-Ray

Standard DVD

Reaping the benefits of a 50 episode run in Eureka Seven

Each season we are treated to a swathe of new anime for three months, only to be given a new set afterwards. Anime today is commonly produced in 12 episode seasons, even a double cours, 24 episode series is something to be excited about. As anime fans, we are conditioned to get excited about shows that are long than the standard one or two cours: Death Note is three cours, the two incarnations of Full Metal Alchemist are four and five cours respectively. The big shounen anime of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tale and Dragon Ball are all significantly more than 100 episodes and hold massive fan bases because of it. I don’t follow any of those series but I am a fan of some longer shows that are less than 100 episodes.


It’s not difficult to see why longer shows are popular. I’m thirty-three episodes into Eureka Seven’s fifty episodes and already it is proving why longer screen time can make for a better show. So then, without further ado, let me explain all.

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The tale of the mistaken prince and an evil egg – a review of the Anthem of the Heart

It is not an uncommon trope in anime for young children to be catastrophically affected by an unfortunate event up until a time, in their middle or high school life, when they are forced to confront it.


This is the case for the young, carefree dreamer Jun Naruse who inadvertently reveals to her mother that her father has been spending time at a love hotel with another woman. The separation leads both parents to cursing Jun for speaking too much, and from the girl’s imagination an egg is born, preventing her from speaking more under threat of stomach pain.

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Episode Focus: Fate/Apocrypha 18, From Hell

The number of participants in the grail war took another hit in this episode, and it’s just as well that the two teams have disintegrated for the most part because otherwise black would be seriously struggling.


This was one of the best episodes of the show so far mainly because it finally got around to some character development. We see how ‘Jack the Ripper’ was in fact a large group of children in London who murdered adults as payback for the lack of support they were given in life. Sieg is forced to face this dark reality while Atalanta (Archer of Red) is sent visions of her early life.

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If My Heart Had Wings: Yoru’s Route

In the opening to my thoughts on Asa’s route in the visual novel If My Heart Had WingsI posed a couple of questions. If you don’t mind I’d like to do the same for her sister, Yoru. Do you wish that the special person in your life was rude and exceptionally arrogant? Do you wish that that person didn’t mind sharing you with her twin sister in a three way relationship? For the masses of you that answered yes to either of those question, Yoru is the girl for you!


Yoru is the polar opposite of her sister Asa. Cynical, methodical and painfully intelligent, it isn’t until your deep down the route that she decides that flying is worth her time in the slightest. While Asa needed help from the protagonist to realise her dream, Yoru needs pushing into believing there’s any reason to having a dream at all.

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