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First Impressions: Fate/Grand Order (iOS/Android)

In my work crazed state I’ve fallen into a bit of Fate moment: watching Fate/Apocrypha as it airs, rewatching the first couple of episodes of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works in preparation for the Heaven’s Feel movie in October and finally downloading the new mobile game in the franchise, Fate/Grand Order.


At the start of the year (it was actually New Years Day in fact) I watched the one off extended episode of Fate/Grand Order: First Order, before letting it slip to the back of my mind and promptly forgetting it. The anime adaptation of the prologue of this game was okay at best with a cast of characters that felt as if they should have been in a mobile game. Well, that’s the thing isn’t it – because they actually work very well in the real mobile game.

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Review: Plastic Memories

I’m 20 and male and am not ashamed to say that every so often it’s nice to sit down and watch something that doesn’t have guns, swords, dragons, bad guys or a cataclysmic event. An example of such a show is Plastic Memories, with the simple point of the show being romance – sure things happen but the main reason for the show is it’s love story.

What you see is what you get with Plastic Memories.
What you see is what you get with Plastic Memories.

Background and plot

Somewhere in the not too distant future the world is populated by humans and Giftias, fully intelligent androids who are completely integrated into the world. The story focuses on the retrieval service of the SAI corporation, the organisation that is responsible for recovering Giftias at the end of their lives. Tsukasa, a young man who has recently finished college but failed because of illness gets a job in the Retrieval Service.  Enter Isla, a giftia who also works at the retrieval service and becomes Tsukasa’s partner.

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Plastic Memories Episode 8

Along with Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? I’ve been watching Plastic Memories as the first two shows I’ve ever simulcast. This week it was episode 8 of the latter, and dear god, the feels train is only getting faster and faster.

After last weeks episode we saw Tsukasa and Isla go on a date at the amusement park. Along with the revelation that Isla’s retrieval date is in a months time, episode 8 is Tsukasa trying to find some hope that after that, Isla’s memories might be restored.

Once their lifespan expires, all Giftia's need to retrieved and their memories wiped.
Once their lifespan expires, all Giftias need to retrieved and their memories wiped.

After going on an assignment where an older lady asks Tsukasa for her Giftia’s body to be renewed with a new OS, Tsukasa starts asking the team if it’s possible for a Gifita’s memories to be restored. The resounding answer? No. Michiru is most absolute as she alludes to feeling the same in regards to her own father before he was retrieved. Another opportunity for Tsukasa to find out some information arises when one of Eru’s old friends (also a Giftia), arrives from Section 3 for a job, but with a new OS, meaning she doesn’t recognise Eru.

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