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Episode Focus: Tokyo Ghoul :re episode 10

It’s been a really intriguing season for the latest instalment of Tokyo Ghoul so far. Given how highly I rated Root A (that is, not very), I didn’t have particularly high expectations this time around but somehow it seems to be hitting the spot.


Episode 10 continues the CCG’s hunt of the Tsukiyama Family or Rosé as they have become known. Meanwhile Haise’s inner conflict with his former self continues to grow as he encounters a link to the notorious, yet mysterious ‘eyepatch ghoul’ and Shirazu comes to terms with having to come kill ghouls.

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Episode Focus: Attack on Titan S2 10, Children

It’s getting to that time in the season when we are expecting all of the shows to start ramping up as they hurtle towards their finales.

See how long it’s taken to get near to the bottom of this?!

This expectation presses on no show more so than it does on the second season of Attack on Titan. Four years in the making, the final three to four episodes really needed to do something. With last week’s episode nine firmly dropping the baton (one of my friends aptly described ‘Opening’ as ‘meanwhile in a tree’), episode ten had a lot to deliver – the question is, did it succeed?

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Guilty Crown, Episode 10 Degeneracy: Retraction

I’m not going to lie, I’m massively excited to be writing about Guilty Crown. At the risk of alienating a lot of my readership, it’s a show I really love and as a result over the next week or so you’ll probably get two or three more Guilty Crown themed posts.

Episode 10 of the show sees the first arc of the story begin to head towards it’s climax. After the events with Jun and Yahiro in the previous episode, Shu is having hallucinations about people getting infected with the apocalypse virus which leads Funeral Parlour’s mission to break a convey to fail.

Jun's death in episode 9 set's up the following episodes plot fantastically
Jun’s death in episode 9 set’s up the following episodes plot fantastically

This sets of the chain of events that cause all the problems and allows for the fantastic resolution throughout the rest of the episode. After Shu refuses to be part of Funeral Parlour any more, he returns to his house to find Inori leaving. For the first time we’re given an insight into end game of the show: as Inori prepares to leave she offers Shu a new song, but in another hallucination he sees another girl covered in the Apocalypse Virus in Inori’s place, causing him to lash out at her, destroying the song disk. Its just one of the many examples of the writers dropping small hooks to keep the viewer involved, and let me say it completely worked for me.

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