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Episode Focus: Eromanga Sensei 11, How the two met and future siblings

After two episodes without Sagiri, Masamune comes back from his beach trip and the two prepare for the release of their new book. Cue reminiscing and flashbacks.

Eromanga Sensei set itself out as a ‘sibling romantic comedy’, though at this point I think calling it a rom-com of any kind is unfair on the genre. If, like me, you’ve stuck with this show through it’s highly inappropriate and awkward middle episodes, the biggest compliment you might give it is an overly cutesy fan service harem.

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Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 2, Purge

Earlier this week I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying Akashic Records’s second episode after it’s dismal opener. There was then some hope for Clockwork Planet’s episode two ahead of airing yesterday, Unfortunately, I found myself to be disappointed.

At least she’s building a character profile.

This week we got to see a bit more of Marie and Halter as they attempt to stop the military conducting a purge of Kyoto. Most of this episode saw them running around the core tower trying to reactivate the power and figure out a way to search through half a million parts to find the problem in less than half a day. Back with Naoto and RyuZU, the slice of life, fan service continues as our automaton protagonist enrols at school before going clothes shopping with Naoto.

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Episode Focus: Eromanga Sensei 1, My Sister, and the Sealed Room

Eromanga Sensei is the type of anime that causes much unrest in certain circles of the anime community and for good reasons.

Masamune Izumi is a high school student who writes light novels. His illustrator, who he has never met, is known as Eromanga Sensei and is well known for drawing lewd and perverted scenes and characters. I’m not going to go through the whole episode scene by scene with this one, but as I’m sure you know/guessed, Eromanga Sensei is in fact Masamune’s younger sister Sagiri. Final thing you need to know – Sagiri hasn’t left her room in over a year, follow what seems to be a family tragedy/likely bereavement.

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Review: Infinite Stratos II

Now, I have a confession to make before this review. For about half of the show (and probably the whole previous series as well), I was taking things too seriously. With that in mind, I’ll get on with the review.


The background to Infinite Stratos II is largely similar to that of the first season. Ichika and his harem of girls, now well establish, return to the IS academy after the summer break. The threat to the group and the academy has become tangible in the form of the ominously named ‘Phantom Task’, a group of IS unit thieves whose greater objectives in the world are pretty much unknown (and actually they remain so throughout).

Even more girls now, well what did you expect?
Even more girls now, well what did you expect?


If you remember my review of the first season, I said that there isn’t really anything unique about the plot line. Well, that’s still true, but this time I’m not going to be so harsh about that fact. So let’s split up the plot as best as we can: firstly, Ichika meets a new girl- a senpai this time- secondly, after new girl has a bit of an arc, she convinces Ichika to befriend her sister (who also joins the harem), and be her partner in a tag team tournament (which doesn’t actually ever happen)- and finally there’s a bit of a stand off and fight with the ‘bad guys’ that Ichika and the girls have to deal with.

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Infinite Stratos II, episode 6: The Secret Base

As you might have seen on the group Facebook page, as well as writing one article a week as a review of a whole season or a feature on a specific aspect of the anime world, I’m also going to start doing a weekly episode focus. This will be an article that looks at an episode in depth and will be chosen because it’s fantastic, terrible or (as is the case today) plain ridiculous.

Despite not particularly liking the first season of Infinite Stratos, I decided to persevere and watch the second season. It was when watching episode 6 that I decided looking at one episode in particular for it’s standout qualities could be a good piece to write. That episode was episode 6, The Secret Base or Pride of a Maiden. 

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