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Attack on Titan season 2 – Hajime Isayama

I was so excited when I saw that Isayama Hajime, the manga-ka for Attack on Titan gave an interview as part of Aniplus Asia’s series of interviews in the run up to this weekends premier of season 2 of the anime.

I’m not going to lie everyone, I really enjoyed this interview. Isayma-san seems like a really nice guy who is looking forward to seeing the anime as a viewer as well as making sure it lives up to his creation at the same time. Okay, man crushing over.

What did we learn from this interview then? Ymir is definitely the character to watch, like the two directors, Isayama seems really excited about the development of her character going forward in this season. There are some key manga points that he also spoke about as well including a flash back to Marco’s death – this was a really dark event in season 1 that was all the worse for it’s lack of context. I’m not sure if the reveal Isayama was talking about will make things better for people, but it will certainly be an exciting scene to watch.

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The Attack on Titan challenge #4 Hardest-to-deal-with death

This is an interesting one because after reading the later parts of the manga I can’t help but feel some of the later deaths are far worse than those we’ve seen in the anime so far. That said, I’m going to use some later manga context to decide my decision – though I won’t say what that is to prevent spoilers.

There are of course loads of deaths to choose from – in the first couple of arcs when the walls fall soldiers and family members die a lot, I mean Eren’s mother, Armin’s whole family, most of the soldiers in Shiganshina, 200 soldiers in Trost. In the second half when the Scout’s go beyond Wall Rose and encounter the Female Titan a lot of people – most notably the majority of the members of the Levi squad.


I didn’t go for any of those though. In episode 13 after the smoke has cleared following the reclamation of Trost, just when the writers allow us to think the death by Titans has finished for an episode or two, we find one final death: Marco. It’s testament to the show that most of the cadets in the opening half that they all have very distinct traits and Marco is one that manages to hold everything together. Unashamedly afraid of fighting the titans and happy to be reliant on people that aren’t particularly strong themselves, he was a pillar of stability in a group of highly strung and frightened people.

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Chapter Reaction: Attack on Titan 77 [SPOILERS]

As a big fan of the anime, I’ve gradually been making my way through the Attack on Titan manga. As those of you who read the manga will know already, there have been some frankly mind blowing revelations as the manga continues on after the end of the anime.

From this point on there will be big spoilers for chapter 77 and the manga post-season 1 anime – you have been warned.

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