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Episode Focus: Attack on Titan S2 11, Charge

Sorry, let me hold myself a moment.

Just Attack on Titan.

I’ve been somewhat critical of Attack on Titan’s first 10 episodes. Sure, there have been good moments, even good episodes, but on the whole, I’ve felt largely underwhelmed by a second season of a franchise I love and expect so much from.

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Episode Focus: Attack on Titan 7, Close Combat

Episode six gave us possibly the biggest reveal of the entire Attack on Titan franchise to date with the reveal of the identity of both the Colossal and Armoured Titans. Episode seven on the other hand took us back to some of the classic scenes of season one with an awesome titan fight!


Season two has been all about close character development, with an eye for bigger plot points building in the background. It’s hard to say that about episode seven however, as we focused solely on the first fight between Eren and Reiner, in titan forms. We got a couple of flashbacks to the cadet’s training days, but otherwise this focused very much on how Eren was trying to defeat the stronger, more experience Reiner.

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Attack on Titan chapter 90

It seems as if chapter 90 will be the concluding chapter of the Return to Shiganshina arc as the survey corps finish debriefing with the new government, receive awards in honour of bravery from Krista and, following a extended time skip, travel beyond Wall Maria for the first time since the opening chapters (spoilers for the manga are ahead, if you’re more interested in the second season of the anime, try here instead).

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Attack on Titan season 2 release date and new poster!

You may or may not have heard that more details for Attack on Titan season 2 have been released!

Even if you haven’t read anything over the past few days, you probably have seen this new key visual:


Anime only viewers have now joined manga readers in seeing that some of the minor characters from season 1 will be stepping up in season 2; see Reiner and Bertholt on Eren’s left and Krista and Ymir on his left taking significantly more room that either Mikasa or Armin. There’s also an ominous shot of the beast titan looking down on the cast which suggests that he will be very involved in the season. Along with the trailer that landed in late December this means we can probably assume that a good chunk of this season will focus on the Clash of Titan arc that follows on immediately from the Female Titan arc of the manga.

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Anime Challenge #4 Favourite female anime characters – a list!

Along with my blog, I like to keep my MAL profile up to date as much as possible. Apart anime itself, the part of my profile that gets change the most is my favourite characters. As I made pretty clear in the last challenge post, I’m pretty fixed when it comes to my favourite male character. My favourite female character however is much more difficult to decide upon. At the moment this list looks like this:


This list is hardly extensive and even looking at it now I’m not keen on the order. So – stealing from someone else who is doing this challenge (I’m so sorry but I can’t remember who you are but I’m very grateful!), I’m going to write a list of all of my favourite female characters! So in no particular order…

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Review: Attack on Titan

This assumption may not be the case, but it seems to me that if you were to spot survey a completely random sample of people who didn’t watch anime which one anime they had watched, they would say Attack on Titan. Buying anime in stores is becoming more and more popular and this has been led by the popularity of Attack on Titan (it has a promo shelf in HMV- jeez). In this article I’ll see if I can shed some light on why that is and why it’s a show that is rated so highly in the anime community as well as, most importantly, what I think of the show myself.


Humanity is trapped. In a pretty sad state of affairs the human race lives within three walled circles in fear of the massive humanoid creatures called titans that appeared around 100 years ago. The creatures which range in size but seem to have an upper limit of about 15 metres, have a fun sport of eating humans. Fortunately, they aren’t very intelligent and since the migration of the remains of the human race behind the walls there has been a degree of safety for people. The show focuses on Eren and his friends Mikasa and Armin who live on the furthest peripheries of the defences. The first episode sees a new titan appear that can reach over the walls. It breaks down the gate letting other titans in which leads to fall of Wall Maria (the outer wall) and the death of Eren’s mother. Eren goes on to swear that he will kill all of the titans..

Walls don't keep big, human hungry monsters out. End of.
Walls don’t keep big, human hungry monsters out. End of.


The show is split into two parts: the training of the characters as cadets as they attempt to join the armed forces and the events immediately afterwards, with most of the characters focused upon wanting to join the scout regiment. The second half of the show follows the scout regiment on a mission beyond the wall. The cadets take five years to fully train. The first few episodes do take a while to get going. In that time  there are no attacks upon the walls by the titans. Conveniently enough just as they finish training, the colossal titan reappears and breaks down another gate at the city of Trost. The first arc follows the fall and subsequent recapture of Trost. Eren, who discovers he has the power to transform into a titan is then taken in to the scout regiment and, with his friends, goes out on a scouting mission where they are attacked by an intelligent female titan. The story sorts itself out and in the end they manage to capture the female titan.

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Attack on Titan, Episode 21: Crushing Blow

Attack on Titan. When a show is as hyped as this is a lot of people’s first thought is one of scepticism. That includes me by the way. If everyone else likes it, it must be terrible, right? Anyway, this article isn’t a review of the whole show; at the moment I’m only 21 episodes through. This is a review of the last episode I watched, an episode which I think truly sums up the show, at least to this point anyway. I’ll say it now in case, somehow, you haven’t seen the show, this will contain spoilers.

Episode 21, Crushing Blow, comes at one of the many crunch points in the season. The female titan that has been stalking Eren has escaped the commander’s trap and retaken human form. To make matters worse, to prevent the squads retreat to the horses she turns back into her titan form and strikes down Gunther.

Initially, the battle starts well for the Levi squad
Initially, the battle starts well for the Levi squad

This sets up an episode of death and pain for the squad. Eren is convinced to leave by the others leaving  them to fight in attempt for him to escape. Levi’s squad initially seems to have the upper hand, as they blind the titan and sever her arms, leaving her seemingly defenceless while she regenerates. In a unseen turn of events however, she manages to focus her energy into one eye causing Eld to be bitten in half. This event puts Petra into a panic who is subsequently struck down. It isn’t long before Oluo is also killed when his attempts to slice the titan’s neck are thwarted by an icy defence.

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