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Assessing anime at the start of 2018

*cough* I still write here *cough* Please let me back in *cough*

Winter 2018 is fast coming to it’s conclusion and while it is tempting to write a post like this everything is done, Spring is looking like a monster and my time for posting is (in case you didn’t notice), limited right now.

As with every season I don’t have the time (or inclination in many cases) to watch every show, but if I’ve missed something good then let me know down in the comments!

The Ancient Magus Bride (episode 23/24)

Starting with my only bit of Fall leftovers – The Ancient Magus Bride. I’ve been through a wide range of emotions when faced with this show even before it started airing. The three prequel episodes that aired in the year leading up to the start of the main series showed off the potential of the series and in some ways it never really got back up to those heights.


While I see Elias is a complex character I’ve never been comfortable with him (and I appreciate that that is possibly the point) – though in recent episodes I’ve come to appreciate his relationship with Chise more as they support each other equally.

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Violet Evergarden to begin airing from January 11th on Netflix

Big news everyone. Do you remember a while ago me (and everyone else in the anime community) complaining about Netflix’s international anime release schedule? Well if you can believe it, it seems like they might have listened to us.


In a marketing email sent to UK users, it was announced that Violet Evergarden will be made available to UK (as well as Canada and some other international markets) from January 11th. Although there hasn’t been any official word from Netflix responding to the criticism from anime fans up to this point, this move would seem to suggest that they heard about it.

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Netflix to stream Fate/Apocrypha outside of Japan on November 7th

Fate/Apocrypha is one of the bigger anime set for release in Summer 2017, but if you live outside of Japan, you would be better of considering it a Fall 2017 anime. The reason for that you ask? Netflix got the rights.


Before I go into full rant mode, let me just fill you in on some of the other details of this anime. Fate/Apocrypha is set in a parallel universe to Fate/Stay Night and tells the story of how, after the third holy grail war (that is the war before Kiritsugu Emiya and the events of Fate/Zero) the greater grail is stolen, leading to an attempt by the Mages’ Association to reclaim it. A seven on seven greater grail war ensues between two factions. For the original source material, you’ll need to learn Japanese or find some fan translations of the five volume light novel series.

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How to legally watch anime (UK version)

So you’ve been watching anime on your favourite not-quite-legal streaming website for a while ago and a strange feeling hits you – guilt. You might not feel any guilt but you might just be surprised at the free and affordable legal ways in which you can access and contribute to your favourite hobby. For you folks living in the UK, I’m going to go through streaming services as well as online and high street stores that distribute anime.

Online Streaming

The first step for anyone looking to move away from the dark side of anime viewing would be to find a free ad-based streaming service. In the UK we’re fairly well served by several streaming services that offer various series free of charge.


Perhaps the first port of call for streaming is the omnipresent Crunchyroll. After a while in anime world it might feel like Crunchyroll dominates your browsing history but it does so with good reason as it holds most titles that haven’t been licensed by Funimation.  The service is free with ads or available to subscribe to as a member from £4.99 a month which gives you access to new shows a week early as well as getting rid the ads. Downsides are the lack of English dubs.


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Is there a time when streaming isn’t enough?

There are plenty of ways to access dubbed and subbed anime on the internet, regardless of what country you’re in. This ranges from official websites offering subbed only, stream cast content such as Crunchy Roll through to less than legal sites such as Anime Freak with a seemingly limitless catalogue of shows.

It struck me though that, as a student in a dark corner of the UK, I am in no way contributing to the anime industry. As I pointed out some sites are totally legal, with revenues coming from adverts, while others, such as Netflix, are based on subscription fees. I’d be lying though if I said I used these sites all of the time; besides anything else the majority of dubbed content isn’t available online legally for any price.

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