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Building my collection: Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel part i. presage flower

I’ve moved house! Even further away from the centre of the world, we’re getting settled in and learning to cope with a noticeably slower internet connection…

Way back when I wrote my last post reviewing the first part of the Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy: presage flower, I had it in my head that I would write an unboxing of the collection I bought. Sure it’s a bit late, but here is that post!

This is the first set I’ve bought directly from Japan. That means no English dub, no subtitles on the special features and a lot of Japanese menus. Those are the negatives. When the purpose of a box set is the visually impress and provide good content, the Japanese know how to do things properly – UK and US licensors could learn a thing or two!

First is the main box: a high quality box that opens like a chest, largely purple (mainly thanks to Sakura’s hair!) with some nice artwork to boot.


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Join us for the beginning of the end – a review of Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel i. Presage Flower

Mouthful of a title isn’t it? But that’s what the first of the three Heaven’s Feel movie is. In eighteen months time anime only fans of the franchise will know everything there is to know about the core Fate/Stay Night plot – minus all the detail you can get from a visual novel.

There a couple of points that need to be covered in this review: how does Heaven’s Feel shape up in film format compared to the TV adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works? How does the story itself compare to the two previous incarnations of the story? And finally how good is Presage Flower as a film generally?

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Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family to get anime

It’s a crazy world out there kids.

I’m not usually one for spur of the moment short posts but I just had to share this with you all. The Fate/Stay Night spin off manga, Emiya-san Chi no Khoi Gohan is getting an anime.

Yes, in the same vein as the parody Carnival Phantasm, this spin off will have all your favourite Fate characters but will focus on cooking and food. There’s nothing to say that this won’t be of a decent quality though – expect all of the main series voice actors as well as UBW director Takahiro Miura on board.

I find it shocking that this is even a manga, let alone worthy of getting adapted into anime format. Although there aren’t many details yet, I’m guessing that, as a web anime it will be released in shorter episodes – but who knows. We won’t have to wait for long though, as the first episode will air on January 25th (western platform TBA).

Well let me know what you think of this – I’m not sure if my bemusement towards this is good or bad at the moment so maybe someone else can clear things up for me…

Episode Focus: Fate/Apocrypha 11, Eternal Radiance

Fun fact of the day, did you know that this weeks episode title is also the name of the second Japanese opening for the original Digimon? Well neither did I, but now we both do.

You’ve got to give Fate/Apocrypha something, and that is that it isn’t lacking in action at the moment. In fact, it has so much action as it enters the final moments of the first half of the season, I’m not really sure where to look. The episode title would suggest Ruler is key to this episode, and I suppose she is as we get to see her use her noble phantasm for the first time in response to Berserker of Red going completely mad and using his own noble phantasm. It was a pretty interesting noble phantasm as well (on Ruler’s part that is), as, if I’m not wrong, it’s the first time we’ve ever seen a purely defensive function for a noble phantasm. Obviously, this is mainly because in a true battle royale attack is essential, while here Ruler serves as a check between the two sides – nonetheless, it was cool.

In the most interesting contest so far we got two confrontations between the two lancer class servants. Vlad is exceptionally strong because he is on home ground in Romania while his opponent, Karna, must be up there with Hercules and Gilgamesh as the strongest servants in the Fate universe, what with being the son of the sun god and all. The episode concludes here with Darnic setting himself up to command Vlad to use a noble phantasm that his servant ordered him not to – quite clearly something surrounding vampirism. We also get to see the greater grail here as well, as Shirou’s plan comes into action.

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Episode Focus: Fate/Apocrypha 2, The Virgin Departs

It’s not really surprising that Fate/Apocrypha is still introducing things in its second episode. With 14 (15) servants and, presumably (?) an equal number of masters to try to show off before things really get going, I wouldn’t be surprised if episode three follows suit – nonetheless, this episode did a decent job introducing lots of new characters, as well as giving us a taste of the kind of action we can expect going forward.


We see a little more of Ruler to begin with before rejoining the two factions who take turns in introducing themselves. The Black team do a full (and quite convenient) set of introductions led by their overly bubbly Rider.

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Getting a ‘bad end’ and trial and error in visual novels

The release of Fate/Apocrypha has put me in a very Fate mood recently. As a result, I was inspired, over the weekend, to go back to the Fate/Stay Night visual novel. I’d got hold of it this time last year, but at the time I didn’t get far passed the prologue. This time, I got a little further, and discovered a new facet of the gameplay: the ‘bad end’.

All things said and done, I can think of five visual novels that I’ve had experience with. Out of those, one didn’t have any decisions, three are largely linear (though there might be some deviation if I keep playing, though I’m fairly sure there isn’t) and then Fate/Stay Night.


The workings of the Fate VN will need no introduction to most familiar with the series so I’ll keep this section brief. The VN is split into three routes: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel. On the face of it, these three routes fit in largely with the three heroines of the tale: Saber, Rin and Sakura, though in truth there is a lot more to it than that. The game doesn’t allow you to play the routes out of the order above and as such the game gets progressively darker as you play each route. But I digress.

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Episode Focus: Fate/Apocrypha 1, Apocrypha: The Great Holy Grail War

Yes, this article is a thing. After my last article it might seem odd that I’m here writing this, but all I can say is I made a decision and the result is you guys get weekly reviews.


And frankly I’m glad I watched episode one of Fate/Apocrypha this week. For those of you familiar with Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, I wouldn’t rate this as highly as the first episode of that, but I would say that this has got of to a great start, particularly for fans of the franchise.

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The Fate franchise past, present and future – a guide

Yesterday, we got yet another addition to the Fate universe in the form of the feature length Fate Grand Order: First Order. The Fate franchise has been constantly expanding since it’s inception with the 2004 visual novel Fate/Stay Night (the most well known and popular part of the world), but that has possibly never been as true as what we are being promised looking forward to 2017. Before we look at these new adaptations, I’ll run through the previous anime appearances.

Fate/Stay Night (2006)

The very first anime adapted the Fate route of the original visual novel. It follows the now familiar story line of Shirou and Saber in the Holy Grail war against six other pairs of mages and heroic spirits fighting it out in a battle royale format for the Holy Grail. It’s full of well fleshed out main characters with interesting motivations which set a reasonable benchmark for future instalments, but it suffered from bad pacing and a questionable selection of sections from the visual novel (when you see the bit I mean, you’ll know exactly what I mean). My full review is here.

Saber is the main female character of the first incarnation of Fate/Stay Night
Saber is the main female character of the first incarnation of Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Movie (2010)

After a four year break, Fate/Stay Night returned in movie form adapting the second visual novel route, Unlimited Blade Works. I will admit I’ve chosen not to watch this particular adaptation because of some of the reviews I’ve read about it. The movie takes one of three main routes of the 50 hour long visual novel and tells it’s story in 90 minutes – I suppose that tells you all you need to know.

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Review: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

In the wide world of anime there are very, very few shows that are generally viewed as very good whilst being popular. One such show was Fate/Zero, the anime adaptation of the light novel series and prequel to the Fate/Stay Night visual novel and anime. It’s two halves sit pretty in the top 100 on MAL and on the whole most people seem to have little to say about it. Personally I found the series to be generally very good, if a little slow at times.

The franchise more widely is perhaps slightly less critically acclaimed though it does maintain a certain reputation as a high class series, a point which has only been helped by the large budgets which have boosted the series along in the last five years – particularly on the part of the anime studio ufotable. This brings us to the point of this article: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, the 2014/15 series adapting the second route, Unlimited Blade Works, of the 2004 visual novel.

Rin Toosaka is one of the main protagonists for the show and her tsundere traits don't effect the show. Much.
Rin Toosaka is one of the main protagonists for the show and her tsundere traits don’t effect the show. Much.

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Review: Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night is one of those shows that has been around for a while and you hear a lot of good things about. Don’t think that those things go to their extremes though, it’s nine years old and people have recommended plenty of other things over this. You get it though, not new, not awful- surely worth a watch?

Ten years ago an area of Fuyuki City was inexplicably burnt down with the only survivor being a young boy, Shiro Emiya. After being saved and taken in, he promises to uphold his father’s ambition of being a ‘champion of justice’. As it turns out, Shiro’s father is what we call a magus (magician, wizard etc.) and has passed a degree of his power onto his son. ‘A degeee’ is just the right way to talk about it, as Shiro can only do one type of magic which is viewed by the other magus’ as largely useless. The story focuses upon the ever recurring ‘Holy Grail Wars’, a battle royale of the sorts between pairs of masters and servants to gain the Holy Grail, an object which can grant the user anything they want.

In the beginning Shiro is clueless. Actually, he’s always clueless.

As with most anime, our main character (though some bad things have happened to him a long time ago), starts off living an extraordinarily normal life. This very quickly changes as he is selected to be a Master in the Holy Grail Wars and accidentally summons his Servant, Saber. Between the two of them they have to defeat the other masters, which unsurprisingly they manage before meeting an unseen and much greater challenge at the end of the series. As it happens, Saber has already been involved in the Holy Grail Wars before, fighting with Shiro’s father, coming very close to winning before the Grail was destroyed (or was it?!) burning down a large area of the city (see, it’s come full circle).

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