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A summer update… (#1)

Only a brief post today just to fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to over the last ten days or so since my last post…

So until the start of September I’m going to be working on my Masters’ dissertation (that is twenty-thousand words on a very niche bit of Medieval British history), so I hope you’ll forgive me for not posting a lot until then. It doesn’t mean though that I haven’t had any time to watch any anime!


Because my time for watching has come a bit randomly I haven’t watched things as episodically as I would normally, but let me just run through what I have seen…

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Spring 2017, Week 2 and 3 Roundup

Of course I couldn’t get through the whole of April posting at least once a day. I’m obviously disappointed, but things have ramped up again with work so I suppose I’ll just have to chalk it down as one of those things. Further to finding myself busier with work, I’ve also fallen a bit behind on the episode reviews for this season – I will be trying to do as many as I can, but hopefully you’ll appreciate it if I miss out the odd one each week! I am after all still trying to write a diverse range of articles, and I just don’t have time for them all!

Today I’m going to try to compensate for my lack of episodic positing in the last few days by doing a double week summary – as with my article for the first week of Spring 2017 I’ll give a short overview of my thoughts before letting you know where I rate it in comparison to everything else.

Attack on Titan, season 2

Episode two and three maintained the tone set out in episode one of the season. We got more build up and characterisation, which in the case of Sasha was particularly good, but I the pay off for these episodes is coming late. If you’ve seen episode four you’ll already have seen this, but also I think some of the ramifications of events in two and three will be seen most heavily later in the season and even in season three. Thoroughly enjoyable and with production values through the roof, this gets a comfortable second place.

Scary imagination


The only anime I picked up from the second week of new shows, but this one won’t be giving us any surprises. Older brother is light novel author with a shut in sister who secretly draws the erotic insert art for his work. Besides the threatening undertones of incest that might crop up here, I actually found this pretty enjoyable. The comedy is pretty cheap and the characters are hardly original, but it’s a light watch that’ll probably make you smile for one reason or another. I can’t see this ever reaching number one in these articles, but it’s sits happily at number four this week.

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Episode Focus: Sakura Quest 2, The Gathering of the Five Champions

If you didn’t get a good idea of what Sakura Quest was going to be like after episode one last week, episode two will leave you in no doubt as to what you’re getting.


This week’s episode served two purposes:

  1. Introduce the other main characters who will end up working with Yoshino in the tourism agency;
  2. Create a vaguely realistic scenario to keep Yoshino in Manoyama.

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Episode Focus: Sakura Quest 1, Off to Magical Manoyama

Anime about people working aren’t particularly uncommon, in fact Sakura Quest’s studio, P.A. Works, is somewhat familiar with the genre after releasing Shirobako in 2014/15. Many in the community who had Shirobako have been going a bit crazy waiting to see the exploits of the working women of Manoyama’s tourist bureau and although I haven’t seen the former, after episode one, I can sort of see why.

Our protagonist will not come across as the most original of characters: Yoshino Koharu is trying to find jobs in Tokyo as she prepares to graduate college – having originally come from the countryside and hating it, she wants to find any kind of job in the city. Surprise, surprise, she doesn’t appear to be the most switched on of characters (though applying to lots of jobs and being rejected doesn’t mean you’re a failure kids) and as such isn’t accepted onto any after 30 applications. The lack of originality in her character didn’t particularly bother me, there’s plenty of mouldability with a character like that and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll make good use of it.

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