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Episode Focus, Attack on Titan S2 8, The Hunters

What has always grabbed me the most about Attack on Titan is how, as a complete product, it is able to seem entirely epic in everything it does. Whether that be from the obvious titan fights or the more obscure moments of regimented cleaning, Shingeki no Kyojin knows how to do big. 

Channelling Death Note here?

There is actually very little action pertaining to the story in episode eight, but somehow this whole episode encapsulates just what I’ve been talking about in terms of tone. The fight between Reiner and Eren is ended quickly with Bertholt strategically falling on them allowing Reiner the chance to pull Eren from his titan form and run away with him off into the distance. The majority of the soldiers were knocked out by the steam from the colossal titan and the rest of the Scouts, along with the Military Police, and positioned in Trost ready to deploy. Cue build episode.

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Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 7, Attack the Multiple Grid

Does anyone ever get that thing where they’re so fed up with a show that it’s hard to see anything positive about it in new episodes? Well that’s how I’m beginning to feel about Clockwork Planet. I’ll be honest, this probably isn’t half as bad as I’m imagining it to be. That said, you won’t hear me saying much good about it here.


Episode seven sees the group continue in their efforts to save RyuZu’s ‘younger sister’ Anchor from the unexplained mind controlling mask that has been causing us problems for the last couple of episodes. Naoto heads up a typically strange plan that places him as chief aggressor of the Akihabara grid with mass broadcasts and explosions – all for the sake of Anchor though, so just let it slide, okay.

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Episode Focus: Attack on Titan 7, Close Combat

Episode six gave us possibly the biggest reveal of the entire Attack on Titan franchise to date with the reveal of the identity of both the Colossal and Armoured Titans. Episode seven on the other hand took us back to some of the classic scenes of season one with an awesome titan fight!


Season two has been all about close character development, with an eye for bigger plot points building in the background. It’s hard to say that about episode seven however, as we focused solely on the first fight between Eren and Reiner, in titan forms. We got a couple of flashbacks to the cadet’s training days, but otherwise this focused very much on how Eren was trying to defeat the stronger, more experience Reiner.

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Episode Focus: Akashic Records 5, The Queen and the Princess

Things are starting to heat up in Akashic Records: we’ve got family drama, treachery in the royal guard and home made cooking.


In all fairness, apart from the school uniforms (yes I’m going to mention them every time I do an episode review of this), Akashic Records has defied my expectations and greatly improved on the quality of episode one to actually shape up quite nicely as we reach the mid-season of Spring 2017.

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Episode Focus: Eromanga Sensei 4, Eromanga Sensei

This series continues to get less comfortable with every episode.

If it’s as good as they say, it does seem wasteful.

Episode four saw the conclusion of the light novel writing contest between Elf and Masamune which ended with Elf figuring out who Eromanga-sensei was and Sagiri coming round to a dream where she can leave her room and see her illustrations turned into a manga with her brother.

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Episode Focus: Akashic Records 4, The Magic Competition

When I first started watching Akashic Records I thought it was going to be a painful, poorly made, unimaginative anime that I would struggle to watch for the its duration. After four episodes my view on this has changed, it’s now just another light novel adaptation that will likely sail by without leaving much of a mark.

Typical Glenn.

After the conclusion of the attack on the school last week, we’re thrown into a magic tournament in the school, attended by none other than the mother who abandoned Rumia, the queen. Once again Glenn takes an active interest in events, but, of course, he has ulterior motives – gaining the bonus for teaching the winning class of the tournament. Long story short, everything goes pretty well for Glenn’s class two, with them sitting in second place at the end of the episode. We also saw the final two characters from the promo poster in a final, ominous, shot – though I’m imagining after an initial ruckus, they’ll turn out to be alright. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re somehow connected to Glenn’s shady past given the switching of shots from them to our useless teacher in the final moments.

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Spring 2017, Week 2 and 3 Roundup

Of course I couldn’t get through the whole of April posting at least once a day. I’m obviously disappointed, but things have ramped up again with work so I suppose I’ll just have to chalk it down as one of those things. Further to finding myself busier with work, I’ve also fallen a bit behind on the episode reviews for this season – I will be trying to do as many as I can, but hopefully you’ll appreciate it if I miss out the odd one each week! I am after all still trying to write a diverse range of articles, and I just don’t have time for them all!

Today I’m going to try to compensate for my lack of episodic positing in the last few days by doing a double week summary – as with my article for the first week of Spring 2017 I’ll give a short overview of my thoughts before letting you know where I rate it in comparison to everything else.

Attack on Titan, season 2

Episode two and three maintained the tone set out in episode one of the season. We got more build up and characterisation, which in the case of Sasha was particularly good, but I the pay off for these episodes is coming late. If you’ve seen episode four you’ll already have seen this, but also I think some of the ramifications of events in two and three will be seen most heavily later in the season and even in season three. Thoroughly enjoyable and with production values through the roof, this gets a comfortable second place.

Scary imagination


The only anime I picked up from the second week of new shows, but this one won’t be giving us any surprises. Older brother is light novel author with a shut in sister who secretly draws the erotic insert art for his work. Besides the threatening undertones of incest that might crop up here, I actually found this pretty enjoyable. The comedy is pretty cheap and the characters are hardly original, but it’s a light watch that’ll probably make you smile for one reason or another. I can’t see this ever reaching number one in these articles, but it’s sits happily at number four this week.

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Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 3, Conflict

Every so often I feel completely let down by anime. As if I’ve been shown the carrot to get me into the paddock only to be hit with the stick. That’s how I felt about this weeks episode of Clockwork Planet – as if I’ve denied my carrot and hit with stick, how sad.


The point I’m getting at here is this: there were moments in episode three of Clockwork Planet that threatened to get me excited, but in the end I found myself as disappointed as I had been with the first two episodes of the series.

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Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 3, Howling at the Moon

I’ve been falling behind a bit with my episode reviews in this past week, but I wanted to write this one up straight away because Tsuki ga Kirei is showing itself to be the dark horse of Spring 2017!


At the end of this weeks episode we’ve reached a bit of crossroads – on the one hand we might be heading for nine episodes of coming to terms with the idea of a relationship or alternatively, nine episodes of seeing a relationship flourish (my preferred option).

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Episode Focus: Attack on Titan S2 3, Southwestward

Attack on Titan is one of the most exciting anime to air in recent years for two reasons: first, it kills important characters with unflinching brutality and secondly, it makes you think that it’s going to kill characters off at any moment without warning.

The one moment of action this week came from the Garrison regiment.

Given a plot synopsis of episode three of season two, you would be forgiven for thinking that nothing happened. A titan might speak to Connie, two teams go searching for the breach in the wall not finding one, Hange theorises that Eren could plug the hole in Wall Maria and the forward team camped at a ruined fort are put under siege by a group of overly aggressive titans while the Beast Titan makes a get away.

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